About Peat-Fiber

What is Peat-Fiber and what does it do ?

The part of peat used for the fabric, textiles and beddings of Gaiaheartworkz are its peat-fibers.

These fibers are found in the outermost leaf of the stem of sheathed cotton sedge (Eriophorum Vaginatum) which grows on raised bogs. The cycle of growth and death of Eriophorum atop the bog creates layer upon layer of vegetative material held in a unique preserved state between growth an decay. Such peat and its peat-fibers are many hundreds to thousands of years old and contain the vital life forces from a time prior to industrial influences.

Our own life-forces can be seen as an energetic field surrounding us en permeating our physical body. They are the constructing forces and carry out the maintenance of our physical body, energy-level and vitality. The life-forces are also the foundation for our thinking and so of our consciousness.

Peat-fibers can be considered as the positive contra-substance of the electric and electro-magnetic radiation which surrounds us and generates an on-going assault on our being. This exposure and onslaught has deeply affected and interrupted with our capacity to function healthy, properly and spiritually sound. That electric and electro-magnetic onslaught can bind us in an unnatural exessive manner to the earth.

Clothing, textiles and beddings in which peat-fiber has been woven into has the capacity to support the reinvigoration of weakened or disrupted life-forces. The peat-fiber contains silicic acid which has a strong affinity with Light and the Cosmic environment. Also does the human skin contain a relatively large portion of silicic acid. The effect of silicon is that it creates a skin, and averts and blocks.

On the other hand does the peat-fiber contain a dark-brown carbon, so called humin-particles. Humin has great resemblance with endogenous melanin. These are brown pigment-particles which operate as a defense mechanism against negative stimuli from outside. Because of this substance can the peat-fibers transform the cold shortwave energy radiation into longwave warmth/heat radiation. These 2 substances show the protective and enveloping effects of the peat-fiber.

Peat-fiber also has the capacity of generating warmth. The life forces also need these warming effects to manifest in us a strong warmth-organism, which is the prerequisite for our physical health and the properly functioning of our creative spiritual forces. This warming and vitalizing effect of peat-fiber has been used during many centuries for the treatment and curing of sclerotic and rheumatic illnesses.

In this manner does the peat-fiber take care of a protective, supporting and enveloping effect of the life forces against electric and electro-magnetic radiation. It can be experienced like a homeopathic nudge that enables you to do what it does yourself.

So here it is not purported that it protects against or blocks the physical radiation of electricity or electro-magnetism itself. Peat-fiber works from another angle: it can provide you more with a support on the Life-force level whereby it enables you to handle the physical onslaught with an intentsified power and consciousness in your etheric body.

The other used subtstance in the Peat-Fiber fabric is wool. Wool is well-known for its strong physical warmth and enwrapment and the combination with the peat-fiber ensures this optimal protective effect.

Another substance used in the Comforters and Matras Top-Covers is Merino-wool. This gives the bedding products an extra comforting and soothing effect, making the nightsrest an even more holy night.

The peat-fibers used in our fabric, textiles and beddings are obtained from raised bogs of Sweden and Finland.