To Order

Placing an Order with us is done in a tailored cut manner. To do so:

  1.  Look for the Article-number of the Product you wish to buy,
  2.  Fill in the Order Form of Gaiaheartworkz  and send it in an email to us at ,
  3. We will respond to you via email with the details of how we will process your order and wait for your approval on those details,
  4. Upon your approval we will send you a Pay-Pal link to complete your order,
  5. Once we have received your payment we will send off your order.

When you purchase a product here keep in mind that:

  • It is not purported here that the protection of peat-fiber can be measured with a radiometer or a Geiger-counter.
  • Peat products in themselves do not cure us; rather they can be used to form a protective benevolent layer around us, allowing our own life forces to sustain, strengthen and heal us.
  • Individual reactions must always be taken into account when wearing peat-fiber textiles or using such products (this includes the medicinal peat-products that contain solum uliginosum).