Clothing Fabrics

These Clothing Fabrics are made of Peat-Fiber & Lamswool. They can be used to make clothing out of such as vests, cardigans, sweaters, and skirts. The Fabrics are all handwoven and all have a unique design.

  • Peat-Fiber – 1st Class Peat-Fiber from Sweden
  • Handwoven Fabric of 25-50% Peat Fiber with Lamswool or Silk
  • Produced in The Netherlands

The Listing of available Peat-Fiber & Wool Fabrics can be found here: List of Peat-Fiber & Wool Fabrics . This Listing also includes their Article Numbers. You can also view the displayed gallery hereunder.

The fabric can be purchased per meter. The price depends on the width of the fabric:

Width in centimeters Peat & Lamswool Per Meter Peat & Silk Per Meter
          50 – 80              € 120 – 150        € 210-250

A special Fabric is the Peat-Fiber & Silk fabric depicted hereunder (Art. Nr. 200) that is extra thin.