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"We are very appreciative of our Distributors, and we recommend people in whose country there are Distributors of Gaiaheartworkz to order through them as it adds another layer of professional monitoring regarding the ordering process for our customers as well as for us while they are also fully aware and familiar with local and national processes related to your order. Your purchase price will be the same, so this extra layer is actually at no cost for you as a customer. Thank you."

The following Businesses are Distributors of Gaiaheartworkz:


     Also see Dr. Cowans webinar "Self Care During this Challenging Time" where he discusses our Peat-Fiber comforters in relation to Covid-19      (he starts discussing it around minute 45:00).

  • Austin, TX: Richard Massey, M.D. & Meridian Grace, N.D -                                                                                                                       

      Meridian Grace's was so gracious to interview the Founder. You can find that HERE