About Peat-Fiber
The in a Nutshell-Outline:
Products made with Peat-Fiber generate an amazing Cocoon-like enwrapment that enhances and solidifies your sense of being well-centered, protected and at ease. On top of that it invigorates and purifies your Energy-Body (a.k.a. your Ether or Life Body). This is because our Ether Body mimics what is within its Etheric sphere. The result is that it enables you to function in a more harmonious and empowered manner.

It's like being a rock that can stand the storm of all the challenges we are faced with.

The inspiration to develop Products that have the benevolent potential of Peat-Fiber is based on what the genius and clairvoyant Dr. Rudolf Steiner said about it in 1920 (a quote from the book "Heilmittellehre", by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, pg 250-252):

“By the refining of Peat-Fiber it would be possible to free the bound elemental beings therein, and these elemental beings would then out of gratitude protect people from what was imminent in the near future, namely that the atmosphere would be so permeated by electricity, magnetic fields, aircraft and much worse, that for the people life on earth would be a torment. But textiles and garments made from Peat-Fibers could protect humans from these influences“.
An American clairvoyant therapist recently stated about Peat-Fiber that: "it has the highest "Plasma-energy" (which is another word for "Ether or Life-Force") of the natural fibers. To us this is no surprise, but it's certainly a welcome additional observation.

What is Peat-Fiber and what does it do ?

Here under is a summary of what Peat-Fiber is and what it does. You can also read the shorter "Spec Sheet", or the longer full version here: Peat-Fiber - Origin & Health Benefits, 2019.pdf.

The part of peat used for the beddings, fabrics and textiles provided by Gaiaheartworkz are its Peat-Fibers. These fibers are found in the outermost leaf of the stem of sheathed cotton sedge (Eriophorum Vaginatum) which grows on raised bogs. The cycle of growth and death of Eriophorum atop the bog creates layer upon layer of vegetative material held in a unique preserved state between growth an decay. Such peat and its peat-fibers are many hundreds to thousands of years old and contain the vital life forces from a time prior to industrial influences.

Our own life-forces can be seen as an energetic field surrounding us and permeating our physical body. They are the constructing forces and carry out the maintenance of our physical body, energy-level and vitality. The life-forces are also the foundation for our thinking and so of our consciousness.
Peat-fibers can be considered as the positive contra-substance of the electric and electro-magnetic radiation which surrounds us and generates an on-going assault on our being. This exposure and onslaught has deeply affected and interrupted with our capacity to function healthy, properly and spiritually sound. That electric and electro-magnetic onslaught can bind us in an unnatural excessive manner to the earth.

Clothing, textiles and beddings in which peat-fiber has been woven into has the capacity to support the reinvigoration of weakened or disrupted life-forces. The Peat-Fiber contains silicic acid which has a strong affinity with Light and the Cosmic environment. Also does the human skin contain a relatively large portion of silicic acid. The effect of silicon is that it creates a skin, and averts and blocks.

On the other hand does the peat-fiber contain a dark-brown carbon, so called humin-particles. Humin has great resemblance with endogenous melanin. These are brown pigment-particles which operate as a defense mechanism against negative stimuli from outside. Because of this substance can the peat-fibers transform the cold shortwave energy radiation into longwave warmth/heat radiation. These 2 substances show the protective and enveloping effects of the peat-fiber.

Peat-fiber also has the capacity of generating warmth. The life forces also need these warming effects to manifest in us a strong warmth-organism, which is the prerequisite for our physical health and the properly functioning of our creative spiritual forces. This warming and vitalizing effect of peat-fiber has been used during many centuries for the treatment and curing of sclerotic and rheumatic illnesses. In medicine peat has been applied for over 200 years while in the more expanded (alternative and natural) medicinal approaches it has been used therapeutically for thousands of years.

In this manner does the peat-fiber take care of a protective, supporting and enveloping effect of the life forces against electric and electro-magnetic radiation. It can be experienced like a homeopathic nudge that enables you to do what it does yourself.

So here it is not purported that it protects against or blocks the physical radiation of electricity or electro-magnetism itself. Peat-fiber works from another angle: it can provide you more with a support on the Life-force level whereby it enables you to handle the physical onslaught with an intensified power and consciousness in your etheric body.

The other used substance in the Peat-Fiber fabric is wool. Wool is well-known for its strong physical warmth and enwrapment and the combination with the peat-fiber ensures this optimal protective effect.

Another substance used in the Comforters and Matras Top-Covers is Merino-wool. This gives the bedding products an extra comforting and soothing effect, making the nights rest an even more holy night.

The peat-fibers used in our fabric, textiles and beddings are obtained from raised bogs of Sweden and Finland.

Summarized Health-Benefits of Peat-Fibers

Based on what is outlined above the health-benefits of peat-fiber and products made of it can be summarized as follows:

1. It provides warmth to our body thereby improving our overall blood-circulation

The warming, vitalizing effect of peat has been used for a long time in the treatment of rheumatic or sclerotic conditions. This is due to the high specific heat of the humic substance system because such heat is easily stored therein.

2. It supports and protects our skin & sensory nervous system  

Peat acts a-septically (antibacterial, antiviral, fungicidal), anti-inflammatory, circulation-promoting, in rheumatic diseases, in joint inflammation, but also fertility-promoting. The medicinal effect is mainly attributed to the humic substances (fulvic acid and humic acid). The antibacterial properties of peat products are directly due to solutes in the peat. Open wounds heal more quickly and are less likely to become infected, which is also partly due to the acid pH of bog water.

Textiles containing peat-fibers provide us with a protective layer that corresponds in some ways to our own physiological protective layer, the skin. Peat fibers, stemming as they do from a grass, contain a lot of silica resulting from the high silicic acid content of sheathed cotton sedge. Silica, SiO2, is quartz. Quartz, in turn, has a strong affinity to light, to the cosmic environment surrounding us all. On the other hand, the humin system belongs to the dark carbon. Peat fibers’ affinity to light and repulsion of light both react to external stimuli. Human skin, too, contains relatively large amounts of silicic acid, and in the melanin-producing pigment cells we have a process similar to the humin system.

The above-mentioned skin substances also react to external stimuli by triggering an appropriate reaction in the relevant defense system. It is therefore easy to understand why textiles containing peat-fibers can lend a helping hand to our own protective skin layer in its efforts to ward off harmful influences from outside.

3. It supports, protects and reinvigorates our life forces

Our Life forces need warmth and our Life forces need activating wherever damaging influences exercise their inhibiting effects. It is fundamental for us that our Life forces operate well while they play a fundamental part in establishing our sense of well-being, our consciousness and our thinking. While the warmth of our Life-forces is also a conduit for our circulation the peat-fiber also generates support for it to be able to operate in an optimal manner.

So textiles containing peat fibers provide warmth in a specific manner. Textiles containing peat fibers are thus doubly useful: as a prophylactic measure for healthy individuals and as a support to help sick people regain health. Debilitated life forces need plant fibers (linen, cotton, etc.), just like we need food to give us strength. Peat-fiber can provide a re-invigoration of such disturbed life forces.

While peat-fiber supports the human skin as well as our life forces it is understandable that peat-fibers actually works out as in generating “a skin around our life-forces” – the protective layer mentioned earlier. The process towards becoming coal – i.e. carbon – corresponds with the foundation of our physical body. No wonder it is often people’s experience they feel well-grounded and shielded pretty much right away when putting on clothing that contains peat-fiber. The image that comes to mind is that of a panzer or a rock.

4. It protects against radiation (Electro-Magnetism, Electricity) and transforms short wave energy into long waves (also a form of generating warmth)

So textiles containing peat fibers give warmth in a highly specific way. Another angle here is that this also involves a heat-activating process triggered when high-energy light is converted to long-wave heat radiation by the brown humin substances. Heat and light, which are essential for life, are in continuous wave motion. Light has very short wavelengths, and those of UV light are even shorter.

Light with especially short wavelengths damages proteins and thus cells. Human skin transforms short-wave into long-wave radiation with the help of endogenous melanin. Melanin, which is related to the humins, is the brown skin pigment we know as freckles.

It is produced by melanocytes as a protection against the UV radiation constantly reaching the earth from the sun. We protect ourselves against this inimical, cold and invisible radiation by increased sweat secretion (sweat also contains substances that absorb UV radiation) by producing our own active substances (enzymes) which immediately repair cell damage by increasing cell production (horny layer of skin), and by the vital synthesis of skin pigments.

The existence of inimical radiation brings us to the current importance of peat fiber textiles for clothing. UV radiation from the sun and outer space has hitherto mainly been held in check on its way to earth by a protective ozone layer. We know that this is subject to growing damage through industrial use of CFCs, so that exposure to UV radiation is on the increase.

The types of radiation reaching the earth from space and from the sun are: radio waves, heat, light, UV light. Wavelengths are progressively shorter in this sequence, reaching zero in X-rays which come next. From this point, more or less continuous radiation turns into the crackle of the Geiger counter caused by gamma, beta and alpha rays: radioactive radiation. The chemical actions of UV light in cells become destructive when X-rays or radioactive rays reach cell tissue.

Radiation damages the DNA in cell nuclei, causing irreparable damage and cell fragments the removal of which has toxic effects on the body. Almost exclusively young, growing tissues are affected or tissues that reproduce rapidly, such as blood cells, reproductive cells, or the cells in the intestinal walls. This is why children are particularly threatened.

In similar manner can peat-fiber also provide protection against harmful effects of Earth radiation.

5. It is anti-inflammatory, supports healing in rheumatic diseases & in joint inflammation, and is fertility-promoting

6. Absence of electro-static charge

There is practically no electro-static charge in peat fibers.

7. It absorbs moisture

There is another advantage of textiles and clothing made of peat-fiber. We all know the discomforts of wearing easy-care synthetic textiles that quickly make a good many of us perspire and smell. This generally happens because heat is trapped by fibers that cannot ventilate adequately or which lack the ability to absorb moisture. Peat textiles do not have these disadvantages.

Peat has a low specific weight so the fibers are loosely woven and light-weight (high airiness). They absorb moisture because of the colloidal nature of the humin in the fibers. They act like a sponge, and absorbed water can be squeezed out again. It is also the humins that make the textiles specially efficient at binding odors, sweat and salts.

Peat fibers can easily be spun with wool in a 25, 40 or 50% mixture. Those percentages have proven to be a good proportion in a wool & peat-fiber mixture. The properties of peat still work out in such mixtures whereas the peat complements or increases the properties of the thread with which it is spun.

8. Low-level flamability & is light-weighted

Another also rather important property is that peat fibers burn almost as badly as wool; they just glow or glimmer. Synthetic textiles on the other hand can generate high temperatures when burning, and they also release toxic gases. It's light-weightedness is also a big advantage, making it comfortable to use.


A. Peat-Fiber bedding products

The above pointed out benefits (for our body, skin and life-forces) show that peat-fiber products also will be of great value in the bedroom, such as comforters and matrass top covers. In the case of such beddingmaterials the peat-fiber and wool-sorts can be easily combed into a 50/50 blend of peat-fiber and wool to provide the fillings. Such a blend can maximize the benefits of both of their properties.

The moisture and body heat released during sleep activate the active ingredients in the peat. It can be assumed that a peat bed has the same effect as a moor-bath, especially since you spend much more time in bed.

In this day and age it shows products of peat-fiber are one of those items that would have a legitimate standard place in a household geared towards operating in sound manners.

B. Peat-Fiber clothing products

A healthy constitution will to some extent resist radiation damage or cope better, which is why a physiologically and psychologically healthy lifestyle is so very important. However, direct protection against radiation is only provided by such proper protective clothing. Natural clothing can have a place in such a lifestyle, and this is where textiles containing peat-fibers come into the picture.


It is not purported here that the protection of Peat-Fiber can be measured with a Radiometer or a Geiger-Counter.

Peat-Fiber products in themselves do not cure us; rather they can be used to form a protective benevolent layer around us, allowing our own life forces to sustain, strengthen and heal us.

Individual reactions must always be taken into account when using Peat-Fiber bedding products, wearing Peat-Fiber textiles or using such products in other ways (such as the medicinal peat-products that contain solum uliginosum).

Washing & Care Suggestions

The care of peat products should be done exclusively by a professional (hand) wash at 30 °/ 86° Fahrenheit with the help of acidic detergents (about ph 6) without fragrances. Mild, sour detergent suitable for wool prevents too much humic matter from being washed out. Important is thorough rinsing and, with high water hardness, an addition of some vinegar in the last rinse water. Peat beds have a fungicidal action, preventing the growth of mold fungi.

Suggested is also not to put it in a dryer after washing, but lay it out on the floor on top of towels at room temperature.

Suggested is also not to wash it too often as the Comforter requires a Duvet-Cover and the Mattress Topper Coversheets through which the washing of those would suffice.

Daily ventilation like hanging it out to air is also essential here. Thus, the bedding can release the moisture absorbed during the night and thereby retain its function.

Overall the extent of applicability of these suggestions wil depend on what people themselves actually do as far as taking care of their bedding and of their bedroom.