How does Peat-Fiber work ?

To understand that let's start with where it began. With a remark made by Dr. Rudolf Steiner:

“…the atmosphere would be so permeated by electricity, magnetic fields, aircraft and much worse, that for the people life on earth would be a torment…textiles and garments made from Peat-Fibers could protect humans from that" (from the book "Heilmittellehre", by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, pg. 250-252).

This statement by Steiner is eerily prescient in our age where we find ourselves practically enveloped in electricity, EMF emitting devices and the upcoming 5G. An increasing number of people are more and more sensitive to these influences and find themselves overwhelmed, quarantined and negatively affected by them. After the global unleashing of radio-waves in 1917 Steiner understood how that had brought forth the Spanish Flu in 1918, but that it also interrupted people’s natural state of being and their ability to operate in a spiritual sound manner whereby they’d seek to advance their spiritual development in a natural manner. This increasing exposure since then to electricity, EMF, 3G, 4G and now 5G has resulted in a more intense onslaught jeopardizing our health in an even more intrusive manner.

The issue with the more invasive increasing exposure is that since those are earth-bound forces they can bind us in an unnatural over-excessive and distorted manner to the physical body and the earth, interrupting our overall modus operandi and healthy connection to the Cosmic-Spiritual Worlds. Clothing, textiles and beddings in which Peat-fiber has been woven or blend into has the capacity to protect our life-forces and support the reinvigoration of any weakened or disrupted life-forces.

Peat-fiber contains silicic acid (quartz) which has strong affinity with Light and the Cosmic environment. The human skin also contains a relatively large portion of silicic acid. The effect of silicon is that it creates a skin, like a film,and averts and blocks. On the other hand does peat-fiber contain dark brown carbonic humin-particles. Humin has great resemblance with endogenous melanin. These are brown pigment particles (a.k.a. freckles), which operate as a defense mechanism against negative exterior stimuli. Because of this substance can the Peat-fibers transform the cold shortwave energy into longwave warmth/heat radiation. These two substances, the silicic acid and the humin, thus show the protective and cocooning qualities of peat-fiber.

Peat-fiber also has the capacity of generating warmth. Our life forces need these warming effects as well to manifest in us a strong and sound operating warmth-organismas it is the prerequisite for our physical health and properly functioning of our spiritual organs and forces.

The warmth effects of Peat-fiber causes its benevolence to kick in on the warmth-level of our life-forces. That in combination with the physical components generates a 4-tiered process. First its warmth kicks in in our heart-beat and blood-flow making it steady and harmonious (spirit). Subsequently it has an at-ease effect on our soul soothing our nerve and sensory system (soul). Then it re-invigorates our life-forces and thereby its fluxes in our lymphs and glands (etheric body). It thus supports and protects our physical body as well.

Overall it can be experienced like a homeopathic nudge enabling you to do what the peat-fiber already does itself. Through this warming, soothing, re-vitalizing and supporting effect of Peat-fiber it also generates its protection against an over-intrusive electricity, EMF and 5G.

As such peat has been used during many centuries for the treatment and curing of sclerotic and rheumatic illnesses, especially in England, Ireland and the European mainland.In medicine peat has been applied for hundreds of years while in the more expanded (alternative and natural) medicinal approaches it has been used therapeutically for thousands of years.

The moore-baths are a famous example for that. In that sense sleeping under a Peat-fiber comforter and on top of a Mattress Topper it's like taking such a healing moore-bath every night.