Our Take on EMF's - and Peat-Fiber Comforters, Toppers, Fabric & Scarfs as a solution to it

The Peat-Fiber in the products of Gaiaheartworkz consist of very high octane purity of life-forces. As a clairvoyant therapist told us in her own words: “This (the peat-fiber) has the highest plasma-energy she’s ever seen”.

The opposite of these pure life-forces are EMF‘s - Electro-Magnetic Frequencies & Electric Radiations.

EMF’s consist of Short Cold Wave Energy. EMF’s are like a micro-wave oven -it kills life/lifeforces-  and it has been proven that exposure can be harmful.

A symptom of such harmful exposure to EMF’s is that you can feel “being thrown off your rockers”. It can make you feel disconnected from the etheric, soul and spiritual world, from your sense of being part of the spiritual world, from your inspiration, your intuition. It can get you into a state of being locked up in your physicality’s, in your intellect, in depressed thoughts, negative emotions, in fear, in being anti-social, in your instincts. Since EMF’s consist of cold energy they can thus even result in cancer (known to be a cold illness).

The impact of EMF is aimed at our body at various major spots. Locations on our body where we can sense the harmful exposure are e.g. the top of our head (where the crown-chakra is), our temple (the place in our head that is connected to our spleen – the organ that is also crown chakra related), the middle-front of our forehead (entry to the higher spiritual senses that operate via the epiphysis and hypophysis in the middle of our brain) and the Atlas-point in the lower back-part of our skull. Our ears obviously get affected by the EMF’s as they target our neck and head. You can hear it by a continuous buzzing high pitch monotonous ringing sound.

One of the more crucial main spots is the back of our neck since it is the spot where normally the electro-magnetic currents of the Earth are channeled into our physical body. EMF’s excessively and unnaturally amplify those currents. This “throws us off our rockers” making us to have the described symptoms and thus issues of functioning in optima forma. It even can jeopardize our well-being.

Our neck is also the spot from where our glands can get affected. So preventing this amplified penetration of EMF’s in your neck is crucial to take the “EMF-Bull by the Horns".

Rudolf Steiner said that Peat-Fiber can help us to protect ourselves against EMF’s since it transforms harmful Short Cold Wave Energy into benevolent Long Warm Wave Energy. This results in a proper form of generating warmth. How that process works is described HERE.

The Comforters and Mattress Toppers protect you during the night against those EMF’s.

Our experience is also that during the day we are exposed to the harm of the EMF’s. The targeted places on our body are besides our torso, also our head, neck, ears, heart, lungs and thymus.

For protecting your torso, heart and lungs you can opt for a Peat-Fiber Fabric or for a vest.

For protecting your neck, thymus (the chakra above your heart-chakra that regulates all your organs), and to an extent your lungs and your heart-chakra we have developed Peat-Fiber-Silk Scarfs. In this manner you also protect your head since it does not get overrun with the amplified EMF currents that can enter via your neck.