Spec Sheet on Peat-Fiber Products

1. Product Application & Origin   

The Key-component in the Comforters, Mattress Toppers and Fabrics of Gaiaheartworkz is the Peat-Fiber.

Gaiaheartworkz has developed these products as a way to provide people with its health-benevolent effects. These products also fully consist of certified organic materials, resulting in full blown ultra-contemporary products sought for by an increasing number of people.

Peat-Fiber is derived from “Eriophorum Vaginatum”, which is a.k.a. “Sheated Cotton Grass”, “Tussock Cotton Grass” (USA) or “Hare’s Cotton Grass”(EU). The Cotton Grass grows on bogs in peat moors. It comes up every year and dies out. Owing to the acidic and anaerobic nature of the bog, the stem and root of the plant do not decompose totally but deteriorate into the fiber. This process has been going on for 100’s and even 1000’s of years. The peat moors contain trees, bushes and even entire forests of the old times. The physical components and life-forces of such peat have been conserved therein in a pristine manner because it has been shielded from any of the radiations of the last centuries.

The healing qualities of the organic substances from the moors have been known for thousands of years in England, Ireland and Europe and that it could be used therapeutically for many illnesses and ailments. Hence the moor-baths and skincare moor products created by Dr. Hauschka with the “solum uliginosum”. The healing quality of peat is also generated by the extra-ordinary high level of life forces conserved in it.

2. Physical Properties of Peat-Fiber

1. High content of Silicic acid; Silic; SiO2 (=Quartz; strong affinity to light & cosmic environment and therefore absorbs it);

2. Humin-particles (part of the process of brown coal > carbon > diamond). Human skin also contains relatively large amounts of silicic acid, and in the melanin-producing pigment cells we have a process similar to the humin-system. Light with especially short wavelengths damages proteins and thus cells. Human skin transforms short-wave into long-wave radiation with the help of endogenous melanin. Melanin, related to the humins, is the skin pigment a.k.a. freckles. The medicinal effect is mainly attributed to the humic substances (fulvic acid and humic acid);

3. Peat acts aseptically (antibacterial, antiviral, fungicidal);

4. Lignin, which is responsible for enhanced flame retardancy (30% less than cotton).

3. Performance of Applying these Peat-Fiber Products

The physical and life-force properties of Peat-Fiber generate a health-benevolent cocooning effect enhancing and solidifying our sense of being well-centered, at ease and protected. Using these products during sleep enable people to sleep better and wake up more re-invigorated. Overall people become more harmonious, empowered, less stressed or hyper-active, and are supported in their health and healing.

These benevolent results generated by Peat-Fiber can be found in these itemized Effects:

• Provides warmth to our body & life forces thereby improving our overall blood-circulation and heart-beat;

• Supports and protects our skin, sensory nervous system and thus our soul;

• Supports, protects & reinvigorates our life forces;

• Protects us against radiation (Electro-Magnetism, Electricity) and transforms short wave energy into benevolent long waves (also a form of generating warmth);

• Anti-inflammatory, supports healing in rheumatic diseases & in joint inflammation, fertility-promoting;

• Absorbs moisture, has a low-level flammability (it glows or glimmers) & is light-weighted.