The Production Process

Here's a brief outline of how the Production Process works regarding the Comforters and Mattress Toppers

The Peat-Fiber is seperated out of the Peat-Moss. This is between 5-10% of the actual Peat-Moss. What's left can be seen on the first picture below on the left.

At first the Peat-Fiber is processed to filter out any of the small hard residu materials (e.g. little branches) and is it washed. Then at the factory of the Beddding Manufacturer that Peat-Fiber is put through a machine to blend the Peat-Fiber with the organic Merino wool into a Fleece. The fleece is depicted in the picture to the right.

This fleece is then used to make the Comforter and Toppers, while being quilted so the fleece remains spread out in those items.

Below you can see examples how the inside looks like with the fleece inside the Comforters and Mattress Toppers, and the resulting Comforter and Mattress Topper.