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USP's of Peat-Fiber

The peat moors contain trees, bushes and even entire forests of the old times. Owing to the acidic and anaerobic nature of the bog, the stem and root of the plant of Peat do not decompose totally every year but deteriorate into the fiber. The physical components and life-forces of peat have been conserved for 100’s to 1000’s of years in a pristine manner and have therefore been shielded from any of the radiations of the last centuries.

The healing qualities of the organic substances from the peat moors have been known for thousands of years in England, Ireland and Europe and that it could be used therapeutically for many illnesses and ailments.

Rudolf Steiner also had some crucial insights about Peat-Fiber:

“…the atmosphere would be so permeated by electricity, magnetic fields, aircraft and much worse, that for the people life on earth would be a torment…textiles and garments made from Peat-Fibers could protect humans from that" (from the book "Heilmittellehre", by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, pg. 250-252).

Products with Peat-Fiber generate a health-benevolent cocooning effect enhancing and solidifying our sense of being well-centered, at ease and protected. People thus become more harmonious, empowered, less stressed or hyper-active, and are supported in their health and healing & can make you sleep better so you wake up more re-invigorated.

                                                                           “It’s like sleeping in a Moore-bath every night


The Key-Effects of the Peat-Fiber in these products:

• Provides warmth to our body & life forces thereby improving our overall blood-circulation;

• Supports & protects our skin & sensory nervous system;

• Supports, protects & reinvigorates our life forces;

• Protects us against radiations (Electro-Magnetism, Electricity) and transforms short wave energy into long waves (also a form of generating benevolent warmth);

• Enable people to sleep better and wake up more re-invigorated;

• anti-inflammatory. Supports healing in rheumatic diseases, joint inflammation & fertility issues.

USP’s of the Composure of these Products

• Cover Sheet Fabric: 100% of the Finest Percale Certified Organic Cotton

• Filling: Fleece of 50% Peat-Fiber & 50% Merino Wool

• Peat-Fiber: 1st Class, from Finland

• Merino Wool of Certified Organic Animal Husbandry

• Produced in Germany by a 2nd generation specialist in manufacturing bedding-products

Versions of Comforters

1 “Year Round Versions”, and

2. “Summer Versions” with 50% of the weight of the fleece of that in the Year Round-versions.

Version of Mattress Toppers

The Toppers have One version. Depending on their size the Toppers have between 45% up to 75% more fleece filling due to the bodyweight they need to carry.