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Here are some of the experiences and feed-back that we received from some of our Customers:

  • Barbara from Germany: I have had many different comforters before, and I actually didn't need a new one. But this is really fantastic. The first night I slept so calmly and relaxed, as if I was lying in a meadow. It was like experiencing nature!

  • Jens from Germany: Even on the first night, I felt a lightness, calmness and relaxation under this comforter, and so very pleasant that I don't want to miss this comforter for the rest of my life.

  • Leo from The Netherlands: I have been struggling with a psychotic state for many years. When I started using the comforter I could feel being at ease and in peace, and it was like the adversaries could not touch me and I could sleep much better.

  • Isla from the USA - We received it and love it all!!!

  • Edward from the USA - I received the package yesterday. Beautiful stuff, thank you.

  • Irina from the USA - I really like the Summer version of the comforter and find that it will be great for the Summer! As for the winter it is a bit thin, so I’m happy I have the Year Round version for the Winter.

  • Katherine from the USA - Thank you for the beautiful comforter. It just arrived and we love it! The smell is so earthy and sweet!