Here are some of the experiences and feed-back that we received from some of our Customers:

  • Barbara from Germany: I have had many different comforters before, and I actually didn't need a new one. But this is really fantastic. The first night I slept so calmly and relaxed, as if I was lying in a meadow. It was like experiencing nature!

  • Jens from Germany: Even on the first night, I felt a lightness, calmness and relaxation under this comforter, and so very pleasant that I don't want to miss this comforter for the rest of my life.

  • Leo from The Netherlands: I have been struggling with a psychotic state for many years. When I started using the comforter I could feel being at ease and in peace, and it was like the adversaries could not touch me and I could sleep much better.

  • Isla from the USA - We received it and love it all!!!

  • Edward from the USA - I received the package yesterday. Beautiful stuff, thank you.

  • Irina from the USA - I really like the Summer version of the comforter and find that it will be great for the Summer! As for the winter it is a bit thin, so I’m happy I have the Year Round version for the Winter.

  • Katherine from the USA - Thank you for the beautiful comforter. It just arrived and we love it! The smell is so earthy and sweet!

  • Nathalie from Canada - I love my Gaiaheartworkz comforter. We have become inseparable. Sleeping with it makes feel safe, it's like being at home. I bring it wherever I go, whether I am visiting family and friends or going outdoor camping.

  • Stacie from the USA -  Hi!  I just wanted to say I ADORE the comforter. Me and children very much appreciate your hard work and the love you put into making it.  Life can be so hard. So thankful for good people like you who put great things out into the world. ❤️

  • Devin from the USA - Hi, I’m so appreciative to have my kiddos sleeping with the peat fiber. The mattress topper and comforter are amazing quality and a true blessing. We should have them for a long long time! Thank you!