About Us

Gaiaheartworkz has been in the Peat-Fiber Business for over 8 years.

It started when the founder of Gaiaheartworkz, Patrick Steensma, was introduced by his dear Alchemist friend to this magnificent world of Peat-Fiber. Patrick's first experience of Peat-Fiber was when he put on a Peat-Fiber vest. Without knowing much about it, he could however immediately feel like it he had put on an armor. That was the beginning of an increasing awe and admiration for Peat-Fiber and it inspired him to explore ways and avenues that would advance and enhance Peat-Fiber applications and products.

This led Patrick on a R&D quest to create a new line of high-end comforters and mattress toppers which had a solid part of Peat-Fiber blended into them. Patrick concluded it to be better for those products to have a higher percentage of Peat-Fiber to generate an enhanced effect of it. His collaboration with people and companies from The Netherlands, Germany and Finland resulted in the development of such products.

Gaiaheartworkz' operation is not the first to do this, but the composure of fully certified organic and top quality components with a higher standard percentage of a 50/50 blend of Peat-Fiber and organic merino wool is new and unique in the world.

That's why Gaiaheartworkz can simply say we have "Only the Best Quality Peat-Fiber Products".

Our Suppliers and Manufacturers are located in various places in Europe. Our Logistic Hub is currently in The Netherlands. So our Products will be shipped to you from this Hub.