Washing & Care Suggestions

Some people around the World are used to cleaning their bedding-items often, meaning to throw Comforters in the washer. We know e.g. people in the USA are used to do so. But with our Comforters and Toppers it is best to not wash those too often, if at all.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Both the merino-wool and peat-fiber (these are blended into a fleece in the production-process) in the Comforters and Toppers are pre-cleaned (washed).

The other point can be found in one of the USP's of these products which is that the Peat-Fiber and merino-wool vaporize the moisture and sweat you may release while sleeping. This diminishes the need for washing, and hanging out the item to dry and air out (either out of your window, or by hanging it over two chairs in the house) will accelerate this vaporization-process.

It will depend on your usage if a daily or weekly ventilation will suffice. Such airing out is therefore a basic way of taking care of these items.

Another reason is that since the Comforter will require a Duvet-Cover and the Mattress Topper a Cover-sheet, it will be a matter of washing the Duvet-Cover and the Cover-sheet and not the Comforter nor the Mattress Topper.

This means if such care is done on a regular basis, it is recommended to not wash it if it is not dirty. If the Comforter or Topper has stains on it those stains can be cleaned on that spot. Such care ensures the Comforter/Topper will keep its benevolence.

If washing turns out to be needed the care of peat products will be this:

It should be done exclusively by a professional (hand) wash at 30 °/ 86° Fahrenheit with the help of acidic detergents (about pH 6) without fragrances. Mild, sour detergent suitable for wool prevents too much humic matter from being washed out. Important is thorough rinsing and, with high water hardness, an addition of some vinegar in the last rinse water. Peat beds have a fungicidal action, preventing the growth of mold fungi.

Note that the instructions mention vinegar (a slight splash will do), but that's only applicable with hard water and then a slight splash of it in the rinsing water. The mentioned detergents are available at organic stores. If you do the washing via dry-cleaners, instruct them NOT to put it in a dryer. Never ever. If you do it yourself, it is also recommended that after washing for it to be laid out on towels at room temperature setting. When almost dry it can be hung out to dry (so no dryer).

Overall the extent of applicability of these suggestions will depend on what people themselves actually do as far as taking care of their bedding and of their bedroom.

An Extra Note of Spiritual Care

Based on our experience and research an Extra perspective on Care of Peat-Fiber has shown to be rather crucial. This is to show the Peat-Spirit respect and love, and gratitude for protecting us/you against EMF’s. Such awareness and gesture is of great benevolent help for shaping the right relationship with the Peat-Spirit, since it sacrifices itself to mankind (and now also someone in particular who uses it) to help us/you with such protection.

See it like this: all things in Life are endowed with God-Given Spirit and thereby with soul and live-forces depending on what realm they belong to. Animals and trees have a soul-life, plants e.g. do not. The Peat-Spirit has a vast geographical realm which He covers; Scandinavia, Russia and Canada has lots of it.

The Mission of the Peat-Spirit is not simply to protect us from EMF and that’s that. There is more to it. The protection generates a safe-state of being at ease, a state that gives us the ability advance our spiritual development (the reason for being on the planet).

The Peat-Spirit in particular enables us to develop our Individualized Body of Freedom, Love and Goodness – in Esoteric Christianity this is also called "The Resurrection Body". This can be seen in that Peat-Fiber consists of Brown Coal, which naturally turns into Carbon which then turns into Diamond (non-penetrable and eternal). So the potential of Peat-Fiber is in providing this manifestation in us over time. Thus, we can benefit from grasping its qualities and integrating those within ourselves. For this it is obvious we owe the Peat-Spirit a great deal of respect, love and gratitude for that opportunity to be there.