Fabrics & Scarfs

Our Take on EMF's outlines that the exposure to the harm of EMF's also takes place during the day . The targeted places on our body are besides our torso, also our head, neck, ears, heart, lungs and thymus.

For protecting your torso, heart and lungs you can opt for a Peat-Fiber vest.

We have great Peat-Fiber Fabrics and Textiles which you can use to make your own vest, cardigan or sweater out of, such as the one displayed below. Or, you can have us made a "Tailor Made Peat-Fiber Vest" with either Organic Cotton Lining or with  Silk Lining.

For protecting your neck, thymus (the chakra above your heart-chakra that regulates all your organs), and to an extent your lungs and heart we have developed Peat-Fiber-Silk Scarfs. Via this way you also protect your head since it does not get overrun with the EMF’s currents via your neck. The color options are displayed in the Peat-Fiber & Silk Scarf section.