The Composure of our Comforters:

  • Cover Sheet Fabric: 100% Finest Percale Certified Organic Cotton
  • Filling: Fleece of 50/50 Peat-Fiber & Merino Wool of Certified Organic Animal Husbandry
  • Peat-Fiber: 1st Class Peat-Fiber from Scandinavia
  • Produced in: Germany – Manufactured by a 2nd generation top-notch bedding-specialist
  • Quilted so the filling remains evenly distributed throughout the Comforter
  • One piece of bedding and is ready to be used straight out of the packaging.


Our comforters have one type of Cover Sheet Fabric (the finest percale organic cotton) of a neutral off white design. Although they can be used as a Comforter it may make more sense to use our Comforters as a Duvet-Insert, by putting it into your Duvet-Cover. If you use it as a Comforter than do keep in mind that it needs to be handwashed!

Extra Information on Sizes

EU & Global: The sizes of the Comforters that are indicated with "EU & Global" are manufactured in accordance with the sizings generally used in Europe.

USA: In the US there are some minor differences in the size that are used. It also depends on at which store you bought your bedding-materials. To accommodate these differences we have designed a full variety of size for Twins, Fulls and Queens. We have indicated those ones as "US-Comforters", with their specific names and sizes in Inches.

Two Different Types of Comforters - Year Round & Summer Versions

We can provide you with two different types of Comforters: the "Year Round" version (with the 'YR' in the Product-Code) and the "Summer Version" (which has 'SV' in the Product-Code). The Year Round Version is the thicker version, see the pic on the right.

The Summer Version is the Lighter version that has 50% LESS Filling of the Merino-Wool & Peat-Fiber fleece-blend than the Year Round version.

See the picture here on the left.  

One King-size, Any Size & Maximum Size

Besides the Comforters that are displayed on our site you can also request us to make a special size that you need, because we can make Comforters in any size. However, we do have a limitation on the Maximum Dimensions of our Comforters. This means we only have one King-size Comforter: in 86 x 100 Inches. If you need a larger sized King we can provide Comforters up to 230 x 260 cm / 91 x 102 Inches. In our Mattress Topper Section you can also find Toppers for King Size Mattresses.